TIP Anyone, Anywhere!

A completely safe & secure way to tip anyone, anywhere using location services from your mobile device.

The easy way to tip people with your phone.

About Get paid -- Accepting tips electronically

Painless setup for the tippee. Your tipper can easily locate you. Payment directly into your bank account is quick & simple.


  1. Payment Choose the amount and form of payment for your tip.
  2. History Track how much you have tipped over time and who has received the tips.
  3. Get found Tippees turn on the location service only while they are working.
  4. Reporting System Tippee gets daily and monthly reports

Testimonials Reviews by Customers

  • Sarah Smith Digital Designer I started using Tipflip as a way to earn extra cash for a job well done. Clients can simply send me a tip after reviewing my recent designs. I cannot believe how easy it is.
  • Jessica Smith Hair Dresser My employer recently requires all the stylists to use this app. I cannot be happier with this app. All my tips are conveniently tracked inside of the app.
  • Amanda Smith Bartender TipFlip is my new favorite app. I can simply have the app running and I start receiving tips!